An epic voyage for a Defender finally completed as the trusted workhorse of so many shoots prepares to stop UK production.

As we have all lamented for a while now, the EU and other factors have caused the Land Rover Defender to cease production, well in the UK and EU at least. Apparently a plan to move production overseas and continue sales on other continents is in the making and Personal Imports may be possible.

That said, the trusted and most loved vehicle of many a Shoot Captain, Gun Bus driver and Keeper for 65 years, will now start its decline in the UK, making way for a new breed of High Tech offerings, causing Land Rover enthusiasts and those that loved the Defender’s simplicity to offer a loud tut of disapproval.


As with the passing of all persons and things, great and small, it is always looking back that reminds us of what greater times there were and how there can be life in the memory and hope in the future.

With this in mind I was inspired by the gentlemen in the following piece by the BBC and believe that it not only leaves any who read it with an amazing image from the past, but through the survival of a very special, if not standard Defender and the passion of the gentlemen, gives us the knowledge that although not available new, a trusted work horse will be with us in all it’s sometimes strange guises for many years to come!

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