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Shotgun waiting times proven to vary dramatically across the UK


We’ve all been there, excitedly waiting for our Shotgun Certificate to be approved after having found ourselves in love with shooting, or indeed carefully renewing our certificates with plenty of time to ensure a seamless renewal process. Sadly, as this study from the Shooting Times show that granting or renewal of Shotgun Certificates and Firearms Certificates varies wildly from police ... Read More »

Rough shooting proves it’s own reward


Whilst the uneducated or ignorant imagine Game shooting as simply the very well heeled having game thrust toward them by beaters, with all the usual “Toff Bashing” that goes with it. Anyone in any way educated in the passion we call shooting knows there are in fact a myriad of ways to enjoy this traditional harvesting of delicious, sustainable and ... Read More »

History of the Pheasant


We spend half the year dreaming about the beginning of the season and preparing ourselves and the other half cursing ourselves and marvelling at what it is to be a part one of the greatest spectacles shooting has to offer, the driven shoots line of guns in full swing. All of that acknowledged, how many of us know that much ... Read More »

Seared River Test Trout with Watercress, Capers and Pancetta


With some of the best, world famous Trout fishing to be had right here on our doorsteps on the Test around Stockbridge, we are spoilt for sporting opportunities and memorable days by the river. To ensure a fitting tribute to our catch that can be enjoyed year round, although best when caught fresh that day, Alan created this delicious recipe. ... Read More »

CLA News


It’s here, The   is finally upon us HAREWOOD HOUSE 31 JULY 2015 – 2 AUGUST 2015 LEEDS, YORKSHIRE So much to see and do, plus Will Jones and Jamie Chandler from Hampshire Sporting Shooter will be there, capturing the atmosphere, meeting those in the know and simply breathing in the magic and spectacle of the biggest celebration of field sports ... Read More »



TEST VALLEY PUBS SHOOT LEAGUE 2015 Round 4 The J.O.G slows to a walk as The Crown steals the Crown  Congratulations to the The Crown and in particular Dave, who led The Crown to victory in round 4 and snatched a decisive win from the John O’Gaunt. Have the mighty fallen? With the talented Fez on a rare off day ... Read More »



Round 4 – Arrive 09:30 Start 10.00 18th July – Acorn @ Compton Manor Congratulations Phil Parker – Round 3’s top gun and part time Ware Wolf impersonator Important improvements Thank you all so much! When we started the Inter Pub Clay Shoot, we had envisaged a bit of fun with a few people, maybe 15 if we were lucky, ... Read More »

Shooting and Surfing, could we have found the perfect Beach holiday?

2015-06-06 17.44.22

For the impassioned shooter, a week or two by the sea, with a special loved one and potentially plus kids can be both wonderful and painful. After a few days of acting as cart horse for the various accoutrements that an English beach holiday requires, ones focus can shift as we start to ignore the Surf and Swell and hanker ... Read More »