Field to Fork

Seared River Test Trout with Watercress, Capers and Pancetta


With some of the best, world famous Trout fishing to be had right here on our doorsteps on the Test around Stockbridge, we are spoilt for sporting opportunities and memorable days by the river. To ensure a fitting tribute to our catch that can be enjoyed year round, although best when caught fresh that day, Alan created this delicious recipe. ... Read More »

Pigeon Pastrami

2015-07-20 15.51.04

Our humble native woody has proven resilient, adaptable and clever in its ability to thrive as modern farming methods develop. The Wood Pigeon is a master of flight, is beautiful to look at and a challenging quarry to shoot. Even after being removed as a blight on a farmer’s fields, the Pigeon keeps on giving, proving as adaptable in the ... Read More »

Squirrel Pie

Leicestershire man proves that there’s gold in his wild meat stuffed with nuts! Locals flock to buy Squirrel Pies from man as he fights back against the invading grey menace with his air gun, whilst ensuring nothing he harvests is wasted. Read More »

Wild Rabbit slow cooked with rosemary, olive oil & garlic

Rabbit Dish

With a bunch of mates coming round for an end of season dinner and a lot of rabbit in the freezer from a recent foray with the airgun, I wanted to cook up a warm, hearty meal that wouldn’t be overcomplicated. Like with most lives, time wasn’t in abundance so I needed a recipe that gave me the time to ... Read More »

Pigeon Pie by fantasy Royal command!


Filling the hours between hunting and shooting adventures can be a perilous activity. For the avid outdoors person, the idea of being trapped inside can lead to bad moods, insufferable F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) and if caught unoccupied by a spouse or partner, the dreaded shopping trip. To counter the fear of a rainy Saturday at Debenhams you have ... Read More »

Free Range Provincial Pigeon And Piggy Pasta From Field To Fork!


A friend and I came up with a stunning recipe between us that I thought we should share. Some ingredients are to taste so feel free to work out your own variation! You will need: 1 X  Weihrauch HW 97 air rifle- Other variations can work well 1 X  BSA R10 (XTX tuned to taste) air rifle – Again, you ... Read More »