Beretta A300 12g, a real surprise!


Finally happily managed a Semi: Beretta A300 12g, a real surprise! Beretta, like Browning have an excellent reputation for delivering quality shotguns at price ranges from the very top of the tree to the far more affordable yet to many, as desirable and heavily competitive sub £2000 ranges. That said, the one area I have always avoided exploring from either, ... Read More »

BSA R10 Mk 2 On The Hunt


OK I admit it, I’m spoilt, and I always have been. I must have one of those ‘spoil me’ faces or something, but ever since I can remember people have just given me things and I LOVE IT! Imagine my delight when BSA generously decided to let me have a brand new BSA R10 VC in .22 as a gift ... Read More »

Getting some bang on a budget


A solid, second user Lanber Field for under £500  My first welcome back to Clay shooting on a regular basis was via a good friend and local in the pub, who was and is as keen on shooting in all its glorious forms as anyone I know. My good friend, Henry, kindly invited me to join him at a beautiful ... Read More »

Jack Pyke – Fun in the freeze!


After 2014 being one of, if not the warmest year on record, a January cold snap has well and truly arrived and I am over the moon! “Why, you utter lunatic?” I hear some of you yell, whilst turning up the thermostat and stocking up on de-icer. The reason is twofold: one, I find that as an Airgun hunter with ... Read More »