Round 4 – Arrive 09:30 Start 10.00 18th July – Acorn @ Compton Manor

Congratulations Phil Parker – Round 3’s top gun and part time Ware Wolf impersonator


Important improvements

Thank you all so much! When we started the Inter Pub Clay Shoot, we had envisaged a bit of fun with a few people, maybe 15 if we were lucky, but thanks to all of you and your amazing and continued support, we have grown to up to 50 guns travelling from as far as Bristol, Stratford on Avon, Beconsfield and High Wycombe, and not forgetting the Three Cups ringer from the States! It’s an utter testament to the fun that we all have that so many return. To improve further as we grow and in conjunction with our host at Compton, Des Sturgess, a few tweaks are being made to ensure we all get the most from our day.

Start time

For July and August and due to popular demand, we will again be at the amazing Acorn Shooting Ground situated on the beautiful Compton Manor Estate, Kings Somborne, SO20 6QW.

Our new arrival time will be 09.30, with a quick brief from Des, to start shooting at 10.00. Please be on time!


We love seeing so many familiar faces but really don’t know many names. Des will be mixing up the teams a bit so that we all mingle a bit more, it will be great to get to know you all better!


We want everyone involved to feel valued and anyone interested in joining to come along, then come back time and again. We want everyone to enjoy themselves no matter their ability, but also to recognise the best shooters efforts.

From now on, only the top three scores will be taken from each pub, divided by three and ending up with the average for the pub. We will celebrate each pub’s top gun, the overall top gun and winning pub!

FBLogoRyan and Kerry would like to offer any teams that would wish, a bacon or sausage buttie and Coffee/Tea or Orange juice at the Tally Ho, Broughton SO20 8AA from 08:45 to get the day rolling.

The cost is an excellent £3.50 per person and kicked off round 3 splendidly last month.

Ryan and Kerry would also like to offer all participants to join them after for lunch and many exaggerated stories of shooting excellence. A fantastic finish to a top mornings sport for £7.50 per head.

Please ensure you book either through The Tally Ho on 01794 301280 or Hampshire Sporting Shooter at hello@hampshiresportingshooter.co.uk so as not to be disappointed and hungry!

Remember, it only requires one of you to turn up for the pub to be included but we want all of your pub too! There is utterly no shame in sporting a team of 1 or 2 or 130! It’s much more about the fun than the first place, but it’s even better to win!

Please get in touch with us at Hampshire Sporting Shooter or via twitter @ShootHants to register your pub!

In keeping with demand from round 3 we will include a Top Gun section on the league page at www.hampshiresportingshooter.co.uk listing the three highest scorers along with total Pub scores, giving all that enter the opportunity to spur their pub along.

Everyone and all are welcome and made to feel so. Please join us for a brilliant morning!