About Us


Jamie Chandler

Here at Hampshire Sporting Shooter we want to showcase the best of the variety of options that most of us avid shooters can afford, whilst admiring the odd opportunity most of us can’t. We want to bring you the backbone of Great British shooting and celebrate the opportunities there in to enjoy a fantastic day in the country, whether it be at a Clay ground, in the fields protecting crops from pigeons, in the woods and at field boundaries after rabbits and squirrels with a trusty air gun or enjoying one of the many ways to enjoy a Walked Up, Mini driven, rough shoot or crow cull.

We all wish we could have a trust fund, be mortgage free, not have important financial obligations, be taxed less or possibly even win the lottery, but not all of us are or can be. Most of us have annoying financial obligations that require our hard earned cash to be moved away from our passion for shooting in its many guises, towards wasteful and uninteresting things like mortgages, partners, kids, unreliable cars, savings funds, holidays, birthdays, bills. pensions etc. or perhaps you’ve hit the jackpot and have to pay out for them all!

For most of us, our dream lives of every opportunity of the season spent in a grouse butt, or at the peg with a pair of Holland and Hollands on a £2000 per day syndicate shoot in the valleys of Somerset, followed by driven Boar in Germany then back for a Red Stag day in Scotland, finished with whatever we can find to kill the summer until the Glorious 12th is upon us again, is all but a dream at the office coffee machine.

William Jones

William Jones

Hampshire Sporting Shooter will concentrate our search to the South of England but we are certainly not afraid of travel if it means that there is a good days sport in it! We will bring you all the news that may concern you, we’ll take you with us as we try and reduce the pigeon population and it’s damage to agriculture, we’ll showcase the best Game Fairs and review available outings, clothing, guns, equipment and accessories. Our passion is to show you what amazing sporting days can be found for under £300 and are available to everyone within the shooting community.

The shooting community covers such a diversity of people and opportunities here in the South, we want to introduce you to as many as possible!

Co-owners James Chandler and William Jones are avid shooting enthusiasts, both having been introduced to the outdoors, shooting and opportunities around a shooting based interest when children and keen to further and grow their passions as they continue through life.